Experience with TutorVista

More than 15years of teaching experience, at this stage I was introduced to TutorVista and I found a new world of Opportunities and Challenges confronted me. Challenges of becoming a tech savvy, teaching students from other countries, adapting to new teaching methods and many more. Successfully facing the challenges and coming out with flying colours with whole hearted support by the Tutor Vista staff was not only an encouragement to me but also provided me with necessary motivation.

Within a span of two years my growth has been phenomenal. I saw myself being transformed from

  1. A Computer nerd to a self proclaimed geek.
  2. From a Passive Executer to a Dynamic Facilitator
  3. From a Tutor to Member of Expert tutor panel, recruiter, trainer and now I am Proud to say that I am training incharge in the training department.

My experience of growing along with the company right from the nascent stage has been very fulfilling.

Three Cheers !!! to TutorVista